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"In reliance upon the physician home construction loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 misrepresentations the plaintiff [Julian Wright] sold his shares and interest in the estate for significantly under their true value," the writ states. Underpinning Mr Wright's case are allegations that his brother Michael learned of the true value of WPPL's iron ore holdings during a tour of the Pilbara by a veteran geologist, whose evidence is likely to be critical to the case's prospect of success. The geologist is understood to have provided a statement to Mr Wright's legal team alleging that he told Michael Wright about the significant value of WPPL's interests in deposits at Jimblebar, Marandoo, Rhodes Ridge, Hope Downs and around Mount Tom Price, with royalties that could flow for a century. This information was allegedly confidentially relayed by Michael Wright to his sister Angela Bennett during an iron ore committee meeting from which Julian Wright alleges he was "excluded." Julian Wright also alleges he was presented with "false" information in 1985 and 1986 by his sibling's accountant, Douglas Salt, and thathe was never told of important negotiations between his brother, sister and Lang Hancock. But a spokesman for Ms Bennett said that Mr Wright's "spurious" claims conflicted with a deal Julian Wright struck in 2008 to forgo making any future claims against his siblings. In return, Mr Wright's children received an estimated $50 million payment to settle a dispute over the will left by the Wright family patriarch, Peter. When Julian Wright walked away from the family company in January 1987, the iron ore price was below $20 a tonne and the Chinese demand for iron ore was years away. The the iron ore price rose to around $190 a tonne in 2011 and is now trading at around $90. Julian Wright forged his own business career after severing ties with his siblings, buying a Margaret River winery and partnering in a Perth financial advisory firm.